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Is there such a thing as a dental phobia specialty?

There is no such thing as a dental phobia specialty. Some dentists just have a knack for putting people at ease. Of course, if you are looking for something in particular that you know you want (e.g. The Wand or IV sedation ), make sure that the dentist you’re considering offers it.

Do dentists specialise in nervous patients?

After a lot of Googling, I eventually found a dentist who specialised in nervous patients. They were apparently used to people who felt anxious at even the sight of the room, or who had a fear instilled in them by a run-in with a pigeon. The experience was very different.

How can I get help if I’m an anxious dentist?

As a nervous or anxious patient, you’ll want extra time and care. These can sometimes be in short supply in a busy NHS practice. If you can afford private treatment, then realistically, this is often the best option. Alternatively, in many areas of the UK, the Community Dental Service offers help for anxious patients.


How do you go to the dentist if you are scared?

If you're fearful or feeling anxious about visiting your dentist you could:speak to your dentist and explain your feelings, you can then work together to make your visit as relaxed as possible.pro-active breathing and relaxation techniques, these can help to calm your nerves and distract you from any procedures.More items...•

Can dentist give you something for anxiety?

Medications to reduce dental anxiety Your dentist may prescribe anti-anxiety drugs, such as diazepam (Valium), that you can take one hour before a scheduled dental visit. Your dentist may also recommend conscious sedation, such as nitrous oxide (or “laughing gas”), which can help calm nerves.

What is extreme fear of the dentist called?

People with dentophobia, also called odontophobia, have a fear of dentists. Someone with dentophobia may have extreme anxiety at the thought of going to the dentist or while in the dentist's office.

What is the most common type of dental fear?

Here is a list of the most common:Fear of Pain. Some people fear the potential pain of dental treatment, even when they're just going in for a cleaning or X-rays.Negative Past Experiences. ... Fear of Losing Control. ... Fear of Dental Equipment. ... Fear of Loud Noises. ... Embarrassment. ... Strategies for Overcoming Dental Phobia.

How do dentists stop panic attacks?

Conscious sedation dentistry is implemented using laughing gas or oral pharmaceuticals to reduce feelings of pain and anxiety, and is used commonly to treat dental anxiety. IV sedation is more rare, but may be administered to patients who have serious dental phobia or are receiving extensive dental work.

How do dentists calm anxiety?

7 Ways to Calm Dental Anxiety and Fear of the DentistPrepare to share your fears with your dentist. ... Plan ahead. ... Watch your food and water intake. ... Practice a deep breathing technique. ... Visit your dentist regularly, avoid skipping or prolonging appointments. ... Ask the doctor to explain the process with you beforehand.More items...•

How do you deal with severe dental anxiety?

How to manage dental anxiety or phobiadeep breathing.meditation.distraction (such as listening to music or the use of devices)guided imagery.progressive muscle relaxation.agreeing with your dentist on a signal to stop during the treatment for a break (such as raising your left pointer finger or hand)More items...

Why am I so afraid of the dentist?

In most cases, people who experience dentophobia do so because of prior traumatic experiences at the dentist. Those experiences can include complications from procedures and painful procedures. The fear can also arise from a bad interaction with a dentist and the way in which the dentist's attitude was perceived.

How common is dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety, or dental fear, is estimated to affect approximately 36% of the population, with a further 12% suffering from extreme dental fear [1].

What is oral anxiety?

Oral anxiety isn't being stressed, anxious, or depressed about your oral health. Instead, oral anxiety is the effects these mental health problems end up having on your oral health.

Can you choke at the dentist?

If you are worried about choking on a dentist's equipment, then you can ask them to use a tool called the rubber dam. This is designed to protect your throat from unwanted contact, and is simply a sheet of latex placed in your mouth in such a way as to shield your throat.

Why is finding the right dentist important?

Finding the right dentist is perhaps THE most important thing when trying to overcome a dental phobia or dental fears. Not all dentists have the personality, time or interest required for helping people who are anxious or phobic. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to look for a dentist who is a “phobia expert”.

Is there a dentist who is a perfect fit for everyone?

Most people have preferences when it comes to their ideal dentist’s gender, looks, personality, and so on. There is no one dentist who is a perfect fit for everyone. So take your preferences into account when making a shortlist of potential dentists! 4. Making contact.

Is there such a thing as a dental phobia?

There is no such thing as a dental phobia speciality. Some dentists just have a knack for putting people at ease. Of course, if you’re looking for something in particular that you know you want, make sure that the dentist you’re considering offers it. Examples include The Wand, IV sedation, or digital impressions.

Do dentists have websites?

Most dentists or dental practices nowadays have their own websites . Many also have Facebook pages (although social media presence may be absent for smaller yet excellent dental practices). Dentist websites can be a great source of information.

How many people have dental phobias?

Dental Care for People Who Have a Dental Phobia or Severe Anxiety. According to the NCBI, nearly 80% of Americans suffer from some anxiety when visiting the dentist. Of those, 20% suffer severe anxiety when going to the dentist’s office.

What to do if you are not relaxed during a dental visit?

If you are not relaxed during your visit, it can compromise your level of dental care. At the Center for Dental Rehabilitation, we offer a range of options for patients that reduce anxiety and dental phobia at every level. For more mild cases, we provide oral and localized sedation as well as nitrous oxide, but if you have an extreme dental phobia, we provide full intravenous sedation as well as general anesthetic provided by a board-certified medical anesthesiologist for safer and more effective treatment.

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