" " Sara Sought A Dentist For Her Son Sammy. What Is The Verb?


sara sought a dentist for her son sammy. what is the verb?

by Juanita Ankunding Published 1 year ago Updated 1 year ago

Why does Philip give Philip headaches?

Physics (give, gives) Philip many headaches because she has to solve long, difficult word problems. gives. A vitamin C tablet, in addition to milk jug caps and dead cockroaches, (is, are) part of the debris that Sara found when she cleaned under the stove. is.

What dog does Jim see in the movie?

sees. Jim, together with his dog Pooh, (go, goes) walking on the golf course every day, even in the rain. goes. In the backyard of Sam's house (is, are) the buried corpses of many pets, including all of the goldfish that he won at state fairs.

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